Anthony Hernandez Javier
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About Me
My name is Anthony Hernandez Javier. I'm a 12-year-old boy.

My birthday is
June 4, 2008.

La Mision

My Story

Anthony is very sweet and shy. He has not had the easiest life but he always has a smile on his face. Anthony and his sister, Daniela, lived with their parents but after two years of being together, her parents’ relationship started to deteriorate. The mom accused the father of abuse and he went to jail for 8 months. He maintained his innocence and when he returned from jail, he was not allowed to see his children. After much time passed, a neighbor called Anthony’s father and let him know that the kids were living in the house with their mom, where she was a prostitute, shut up in their room and not allowed to come out. The kids were not in school and were only allowed to watch TV all day long. As soon as he heard this, Anthony’s dad went to get Anthony and his sister Daniela. Their mother threatened to kill them all and Anthony’s father fled with his children. After rescuing his children, he came from southern Mexico to Tijuana. He had no job and child protective services found them living on the streets. The kids were taken to a holding orphanage, kind of like a shelter, until permanent placement. Their dad did everything required by the government to get his kids out of there and found a job in order to get them back. Now, they rent a small house in La Mision and the kids are safe in our care during the day while their dad works. Please be praying that Anthony, his sister, Daniela and their dad would come to know the salvation offered in Christ!