Axel Wilfrido Cuevas Miranda
Ref# 28

About Me
My name is Axel Wilfrido Cuevas Miranda. I'm a 12-year-old boy.

My birthday is
May 6, 2011.


My Story

Axel is all boy! He loves to play and he never wants to leave the daycare when it's time to go home. He has two sisters who also attend the daycare, Naomi and Yana. Naomi and Axel’s dad is in jail for robbery. Yana’s dad is now in their lives but has had multiple medical complications. When this family first came to us, their mom was a single mother. But because of our mission to keep families together, she has really tried to make it work with her younger daughter's father. They are coming to church together, and really trying to keep God in the center. This is a huge praise. Before the children came to the daycare, they didn't have consistent , stable care. They were always looked after by a different person everyday while their mom went to work. Axel’s mom works very hard to keep her family together. Please pray that this family will find the strength they need in Christ to stay together and have the future God has for them.