Ayexael Gallegos Ortega
Ref# 29

About Me
My name is Ayexael Gallegos Ortega. I'm a 15-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 29, 2007.

La Mision

My Story

Ayexael attends our after school junior high program. He loves to play soccer and plays on the league in town. Ayexael is so precious. He is the sweetest boy despite his hard home life. Ayexael has other siblings, but when his parents split up his other brothers decided to go with his mom, while he decided to stay with his dad. Unfortunately, because his parents fight a lot and don’t get along even when apart, he doesn’t get to see his mom or his siblings very often. Before coming to Open Arms, Ayexael would help his dad work at the recycling center in town, which is very dangerous as there are a lot of large machinery on site. His dad came to us and asked for help, fearing that something horrible would happen to his son. Because of the extreme circumstances of being a single father, we quickly opened our arms to Ayexael. Please pray for Ayexael that he would stay in school and graduate high school!